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IHOP rolls out '7 for $7 Menu'

IHOP rolls out '7 for $7 Menu'

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IHOP is targeting value-conscious diners with a new limited-time offer that launched on Monday.

The “7 for $7 Menu” allows customers to choose from seven meal options for $7, every day of the week.

The $7 options are available during every daypart and include both new and classic dishes, as well as a lower-calorie Simple & Fit option, the company said.

Among the choices are new dishes, such as bacon-wrapped sirloin steak and eggs served with hash browns; a cheesy Western omelet served with fresh fruit or three buttermilk pancakes; a bacon and Cheddar hash brown stack; and hash-brown-crusted chicken and biscuits served with eggs and country gravy.

Classic dishes featured in the value deal include chicken and waffles; Nutella crepes and eggs; and the lower-calorie veggie omelet served with fresh fruit.

After reporting disappointing third quarter results in November, IHOP parent DineEquity Inc. said value and innovation would be key areas of focus. Same-store sales for 1,532-unit IHOP were down 1.5 percent for the quarter.

IHOP is not alone in its attempt to target value-seeking customers. Denny’s has also been promoting its $2 $4 $6 $8 value menu with 16 options at those price points.

Natalia Franco, senior vice president of marketing for IHOP, said in a statement that the 7 for $7 Menu “delivers real value without compromising on taste, quality or selection, which is a welcome treat for our guests as they look to stretch their dollars further.”

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