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Raspberry ice cream

Raspberry ice cream

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Mashed raspberries and then strained and mix with orange juice and fructose.

Beat the sour cream (being 15% fat, don't make whipped cream) and mix it with the raspberry puree.

Put it in a plastic bowl and put it in the freezer. Remove after 1 hour and mix well so as not to form ice crystals. Repeat about 4-5 times. Ready!

recipe adapted for the Montignac regime

pt. The normal recipe uses powdered sugar instead of fructose and sweet liquid cream with 30% fat

Raspberry ice cream

raspberry ice cream
Ice cream with raspberries and whipped cream is very fragrant and is quite simple to prepare. [..] Other information about: raspberry, ice cream, recipes, cream, desserts, raspberry ice cream

Raspberry ice cream

raspberry ice cream
Summer is the quintessential fruit season. Take advantage of this season and prepare delicious recipes. Raspberries are one of the most delicious fruits of the season. For the days when you feel like something good, make an ice cream with raspberries. It is the perfect way to enjoy summer and sun [..] Other information about: ice cream, raspberry, sour cream

Delicious ice cream with chocolate and raspberries

raspberry ice cream
Did you wake up with guests and not have to serve them? We offer you a quick, refreshing and delicious recipe for chocolate and raspberry ice cream. It is prepared in a few minutes, has a tempting appearance and a delightful aroma. [..] Other information about: ice cream recipes, chocolate ice cream, raspberry ice cream

How to use raspberries in the kitchen

raspberry ice cream
Who can resist some bushes full of raspberries? Harvesting these fruits is one of the pleasures of summer. Raspberries are a plant native to Asia Minor. It is believed that in the first centuries (4th century AD) the Romanians spread this plant in Europe. In some cultures, raspberries have become known as a fruit of love. [..] Other information about: raspberries, culinary tips, raspberry choice, raspberry storage

Melba with peaches

raspberry ice cream
Melba with peaches is a delicious dish, created especially for the opera singer Nellie Melba. Delicious peaches and cold ice cream are served with raspberry sauce. [..] Other information about: recipes, peaches, desserts, melba with peaches, melba

Mousse frozen with raspberries

raspberry ice cream
If you kept a few bags of raspberries in the freezer, an ice cream mousse would be a handy solution for a delicious dessert. [..] Other information about: raspberries, ice cream, recipes, desserts, mousse

10 refreshing ice creams for the summer

raspberry ice cream
Are you thinking of a refreshing dessert in the summer or to surprise your guests in the winter? Choose ice cream, which you can prepare quite quickly and easily, from seasonal fruits [..] Other information about: ice cream, vanilla, strawberries, mint, chocolate, bananas, cherries, lemon, raspberry, coffee, melon

Raspberry soup

raspberry ice cream
From raspberries you can make an interesting and easy to make dish. Try raspberry soup, which is very tasty due to the special flavors of summer fruits. [..] Other information about: soup, raspberry

Raspberry and walnut tart

raspberry ice cream
Raspberry and walnut tart is a delicate and tasty dessert, ideal for festive events. It is easily prepared and served with vanilla ice cream. [..] Other information about: desserts, tart, walnut tart, raspberry tart, tart recipes

Semifreddo with raspberries and honey

raspberry ice cream
Semifreddo with raspberries and honey is a lighter ice cream. It is very refreshing, tasty and fragrant. Serve cold with fresh fruit sauce. [..] Other information about: raspberries, recipes, honey, desserts, semifreddo, semifreddo with raspberries

5 ways you can cook raspberries this summer

raspberry ice cream
Raspberries are one of the fruits that herald the beginning of summer. Although its special aroma and flavor make it a delicious snack even when consumed in its natural state, there are some recipes and cooking ideas in which you could discover a new "side", more delicious, flavorful and tasty as never. If you are bored of eating simple raspberries, we suggest you combine it with other ingredients, in dishes that will delight your senses! [..] Other information about: raspberry, raspberry recipes, raspberry cake, raspberry jam, raspberry tart

Pudding with raspberries and chocolate

raspberry ice cream
The raspberry and chocolate pudding is a decadent dessert, ideal for festive events. It is easy to prepare and is served with vanilla ice cream. [..] Other information about: raspberry, chocolate, recipes, desserts, pudding, raspberry pudding

Delicious ice cream recipes for August

raspberry ice cream
Ice cream is one of the pleasures of summer. For the last month of this season, take the opportunity to prepare a homemade ice cream with which to pamper your family and friends. Use successful ingredients, such as chocolate or seasonal fruit, such as berries or melons. [..] Other information about: ice cream, recipes, ice cream recipes

White chocolate and raspberry hearts

raspberry ice cream
The white chocolate and raspberry hearts are delicious and fragrant, ideal for a romantic dinner for two on Valentine's Day. Serve with vanilla ice cream and caramel sauce. [..] Other information about: valentine's day recipes, raspberries, desserts, valentines day dessert, chocolate hearts

Raspberry sauce

raspberry ice cream
When you have fresh raspberries and want to use them in the kitchen, try a raspberry sauce. You can use it in various dessert dishes. Ingredients for raspberry sauce fresh raspberry 2 tablespoons orange juice 2 tablespoons cornstarch & frac14 cup [..] More information about: sauce, raspberry, fruit

How to make a delicious fruit ice cream

raspberry ice cream
Ice cream is the favorite dessert of the summer, both for children, but especially for adults. But the best ice cream is the one prepared at home, from natural ingredients. So pamper your family this summer with a delicious fruit ice cream, which you can prepare in just a few minutes. [..] Other information about: fruit ice cream, sugar-free ice cream, summer ice cream, summer, ice cream

Apricot and raspberry cake

raspberry ice cream
Apricot and raspberry cake is a perfect dessert for summer days. The mixture of fruit, vanilla and cinnamon is delicious. The preparation is ready in about 50 minutes. [..] Other information about: apricot recipes, raspberries, eggs, cinnamon, flour, butter, fruit, cake, apricots

3 delicious desserts that are prepared in less than 10 minutes

raspberry ice cream
Are you a big fan of sweets, but you don't have time to cook? Do you have unexpected guests and you have nothing to serve them with? Find out that there are some recipes that can be prepared in less than 10 minutes and that could get you out of trouble! [..] Other information about: quick recipes, desserts, quick desserts, delicious desserts

Delicious fruit ice cream

raspberry ice cream
Do you want to prepare a tasty and refreshing dessert for your little ones, perfect for excessively hot days? Choose a fruit ice cream, strongly flavored, which is prepared quickly. [..] Other information about: ice cream, ice cream recipes, fruit ice cream, delicious ice cream

Summer salad with chicken and vinaigrette sauce with raspberries

raspberry ice cream
When you want to prepare a salad and you have some summer fruits at home, don't miss the summer salad recipe with chicken and vinaigrette sauce with raspberries. The mixture of chicken with fruit and the vinaigrette sauce with an extra raspberry will give the salad a special flavor. [..] Other information about: salad, chicken, raspberry, vinaigrette

3 fruit ice cream recipes, easy to prepare

raspberry ice cream
A homemade fruit ice cream is one of the tastiest and lightest desserts you can prepare. Discover some ice cream recipes that you will fall in love with on the spot, and that will cool you down on hot days: [..] Other information about: fruit ice cream, ice cream recipes, summer recipes, ice cream

Find out the secret to making delicious summer desserts

raspberry ice cream
Summer desserts are one of the greatest culinary pleasures. Light, crunchy and fragrant, in vibrant colors, summer desserts can be served with coffee or with a fresh fruit juice. But how to make them in such a way that you don't spend too much time in the kitchen, in the heat and they come out perfectly? [..] Other information about: summer desserts, summer recipes, culinary tips, desserts

Jelly with berries

raspberry ice cream
Jelly with berries is a refreshing, sweet and aromatic dessert. It prepares quickly and is ideal for the moments when you are invited. [..] Other information about: recipes, jelly, berries, desserts, fruit jelly

The ice cream recipe with which Carmen Bruma pampers Vladut

raspberry ice cream
Carmen Bruma, known for the attention she pays to both her own diet and that of her boy, confesses that “when Vladut enters the community it will be difficult for him to control his diet and that is why he tries to learn his tastes and healthy habits from now on. Here, for example, is the ice cream recipe she prefers to prepare for her little one. [..] Other information about: interns, Carmen Bruma ice cream recipe, carmen bruma, showbiz

Calories ice cream on a raspberry-vanilla stick Quickyly Betty Ice

raspberry ice cream
[..] Other information about: calories, minerals, vitamins

One serving contains: 101.8 Calories, 18 g Carbohydrates, 4.1 g Protein, 2.4 g Fat, 7.8 g Fiber

Ingredients for one serving

  • Fresh raspberries (120 g)
  • Yogurt with 2% fat (80 g)
  • Lemon juice (1 tbsp)
  • Sugar substitute (2 teaspoons)

Method of preparation

  1. Mix the raspberries with the raspberry substitute
    sugar, taking care to keep
    a few whole fruits for garnish.
  2. Pour the composition into a plastic bowl, add the lemon juice and yogurt and mix gently with a spoon.
  3. Place the whole fruit on top and put the bowl in the freezer for a few hours.

The Raspberry Ice Cream Recipe is just one example of a snack from the KiloStop Low Carb recipe book pack. The latter consists of 3 recipe books, which contain a complete diet for 6 weeks.

The package is specially designed by me and my colleagues for people who want to lose a few pounds quickly after certain periods of overeating. It is ideal for those who like to eat meat, fish and cheese.

The Low Carb package is structured in 3 volumes, as follows:

- Volume 1 contains your diet for the first 2 weeks (72 recipes), where you can eat any type of meat, fish or cheese you want, along with plenty of vegetables.
- Volume 2 contains your diet for weeks 3 and 4 (84 recipes), in which you will be able to enjoy soft dairy products and oily fruits, gradually decreasing the amount of meat.
- Volume 3 contains your diet for weeks 5 and 6 (96 recipes), which makes the transition to a more diversified diet, in which you will consume and fresh fruits and whole grains in the first part of the day.

What other recipes would you like to find on the blog? I am waiting for your answer in the comments section.

Delicious homemade ice cream

For any ice cream recipe you can use an ice cream maker and you will get a creamier product without ice needles. If you use the ice cream machine then do not forget to keep the appliance tank in the freezer according to the manufacturer's specifications. After mixing the ice cream with the ice cream machine, if you want a stronger consistency then put the ice cream in the freezer for another 2-3 hours.

We invite you to watch below our video recipe for delicious homemade ice cream:

The ice cream machine I used in the recipe above, I bought it here at the price of 99 of lei.

Chocolate icecream


  • Yolks 4 pcs
  • Milk 500 ml
  • Cocoa 50 g
  • Dark chocolate 100 g
  • Old 150 g

***Do not forget to put the ice cream bowl in the freezer for the period of time specified by the manufacturer.
Method of preparation:

Step 1. In a bowl sift the cocoa over 500 ml of milk and mix with a whisk.

Step 2. Put the bowl on the bain-marie and add the dark chocolate. Stir until the chocolate melts. Take it off the fire.

Step 3. Put the yolks in a bowl and mix with the sugar.

Step 4. Put on the fire in a bain-marie.

Step 5. Add the chocolate composition.

Step 6. Stir continuously for 4-5 minutes. Remove from the heat and leave to cool in the fridge.

Step 7. When it has cooled, stir a few more times and pour into the ice cream maker. Wait until it reaches the desired consistency.

If you want the ice cream to be harder then put it in the freezer for another 2-3 hours.

Vanilla ice cream


  • Liquid cream 35% 400 ml
  • Fatty milk 250 ml
  • Old 150 g
  • Vanilla essence 1 teaspoon

***Do not forget to put the ice cream bowl in the freezer for the period of time specified by the manufacturer.

Method of preparation:

Step 1. Put half of the liquid cream and sugar in a saucepan. Stir over low heat until the sugar melts.

Step 2. Remove from the heat and add the rest of the ingredients. Mix well and refrigerate until cool.

Step 3. When it has cooled, take it out of the fridge, stir a little more and pour it into the ice cream maker. Leave until it reaches the desired consistency.

If you want ice cream harder then put it in the freezer for another 2-3 hours.

Fruit ice cream


  • Raspberries 200 g
  • Strawberries 100 g
  • Cold liquid cream 200 ml
  • Condensed milk 400 g
  • Optional 1-2 teaspoons of honey

Do not forget to put the ice cream bowl in the freezer for the period of time specified by the manufacturer.

Method of preparation:

Step 1. Wash the raspberries and let them drain well. If water remains on the fruit, it will turn into ice needles during cooking. Then mix the raspberries with a vertical blender until they turn into a puree.

Step 2. Pass the puree through a sieve to separate the seeds. Set aside the composition obtained.

Step 3. In a bowl, beat the whipped cream until it becomes hard (the liquid cream should stay in the fridge overnight and the bowl for at least an hour) Then add the condensed milk and mix until it is completely combined.

Step 4. Then add the raspberry puree.

Step 5. Add the chopped apses and mix with a spatula. Put the whole composition in the ice cream maker. Wait until it reaches the desired consistency.

If you want more ice cream then put it in the freezer for another 2-3 hours.

We wish you good appetite and increase the cooking of homemade ice cream recipe, without preservatives and without e-mails. The ice cream machine I used in the recipe above, I bought it here at the price of 99 of lei.

Raspberry ice cream and other energizing delicacies

Choose ingredients that are known for their special energizing abilities and with the help of the Tefal Infiny Force vertical mixer, put your creativity to the test! Because it has the exclusive ActivFlow technology, with four resistant stainless steel knives, which allows an exceptional mixing performance, Infiny Force becomes your reliable help in the kitchen. And because you want your recipes to be prepared easily and quickly, Infiny Force has a Turbo function, 20 mixing speeds, 700W power and multiple accessories *: metal wire, accessory for mayonnaise and sauces, shredder of 500 ml with lid and an 800 ml graduated glass. Ultra efficient, elegant and versatile, Infiny Force is the ideal device that helps you turn classic dishes into Chef recipes.

Raspberry ice cream
For those sweet moments you want to share with your family, try this quick recipe for delicious and invigorating ice cream.

500g frozen raspberries
30cl fresh
5cl liquid sugar
fresh mint

Method of preparation:
To prepare this ice cream you only need Infiny Force, the multifunctional vertical mixer from Tefal. Use the stepper foot that benefits from ActivFlow technology for crushing raspberries. Add the liquid sugar and whipped cream to the bowl and mix them with the mashed raspberries. After you get a homogeneous mixture, pour it into the form, which can be glasses of ice cream or other favorite shapes, which you put in the fridge. After 2-4 hours you can serve it, but not before putting a fresh mint leaf on top.

Energizing smoothie with flax seeds and fruits
Start the morning strong with a natural energizer, far too delicious not to turn your mornings.

1/2 frozen and sliced ​​banana
1 cup frozen strawberries
2 tablespoons ground flax seeds
1 cup soy milk with vanilla flavor

Method of preparation:
Put the fruits in the high bowl of the Tefal Infiny Force and pass them with the help of the sieve. The 4 resistant knives, made of stainless steel, will help you get a very fine and delicious fruit puree. Add soy milk and flax seeds over the fruit puree until you get a homogeneous composition. Serve it in a tall glass for a day full of energy and vitality.

Experience different smoothie and ice cream recipes with Infiny Force from Tefal and you will get the sweetest energy for this spring!

How do I make the fastest and most flavorful pancakes with raspberry and banana ice cream?

My secret is that I always have a supply of frozen fruit in the house.

It's very simple with bananas: how do I see that they bake and we don't get to eat them so fresh, either I wrap them in some banana and raspberry muffins or in the banana and blueberry cake, or I slice them quickly and put them in the freezer.

Raspberries, on the other hand, are very precious because they are picked from the grandparents' garden and are in limited quantities.

Raspberry ice cream

Here on the blog you will find all kinds of ice cream recipes, such as: quick ice cream, walnut ice cream, matcha ice cream or coconut ice cream.
Recipe of raspberry ice cream it is easy to prepare and is to the taste of the little ones and the big ones. The combination of whipped cream and yogurt is a delicious one.
Do the same raspberry ice cream.

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How do we make the best ice cream with yogurt and fruit?

The most important thing for this sugar-free ice cream for children is to choose quality and sweet fruits. It would be best to use seasonal fruits. During this period you will find raspberries, peaches, nectarines, apricots, plums that you can use with confidence. Then you need a good, natural yogurt, with 10% fat and as little water as possible in the composition. Honey is just as important. Choose raw, unpasteurized honey and preferably from a reliable source, not from the supermarket. However, keep in mind that honey can only be used for children over 1 year. If you want to make this ice cream for younger children, choose another sweetener, such as date syrup, for example.

To turn the composition into a sugar-free ice cream for children, we used ice cream molds. This way I have control over the portions and the children like ice cream on the stick. Forms of ice cream can be found in any supermarket, you can use them countless times and they are very cheap. Find smaller or larger shapes, depending on the age of your children. Of course you can simply freeze the composition in a casserole and serve it in cones. It is just as good, except that after freezing, you will have to mix it and freeze it again to get rid of the ice needles. Try sugar-free ice cream with strawberries and mascarpone. Sarah will assure you that both are wonderful!

Video: Петуния Опера Суприм РАСПБЕРРИ АЙС Opera Supreme Raspberry Ice. (August 2022).